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Hi I'm Alex, based in Bristol, UK. I am a founding member of a number of businesses where I helped develop the idea, team, and initial product. These businesses are at a range of stages but across them have worked with some of the worlds largest companies and been featured by major press outlets.


Co-founder of The Handwriting Company: Using robotics and AI for scalable and affordable handwritten marketing
  • Responsible for product and technology. Lead team of 10 robotic engineers to develop handwriting robotics. Setup autonomous 24/7 factory and day to day operational procedure for staff.
  • Aided sales team in developing partnerships with key customers
  • Developed and implemented marketing strategy to target platform partners
  • Worked with:
  • Featured by:
Co-founder of OptiFit: Using AI and computer vision to detect heart rate contactlessly through smart phone cameras.
  • Tackling the $38B retail theft problem through automatic shoplifiting detection
  • Testing for use with the UK Border Force on Trafficking, Crime and Terrorism
  • Backing from the University of Bristol and Oxford University Panacea stars biotech accelerator
Co-founder of Resist: Turning phone addicts into philanthropists
  • Solving the phone addicition problem by allowing people to lock their phones for a number of hours. If they touch their phone before the time is up they have to donate to a charity of their choice.
  • Lead three person team to develop app in a week
  • Using react native and stripe
  • Worked with:
  • Featured by:
Co-founder of Liveprize: IOS and Android app offering a unique company giveaway experience.
  • Leading product and business development of three person team.
  • Developed IOS and Android apps for massiviliy multiplayer live streaming gameshows
  • Working with:
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Technical Team Lead at Blockitdown: Music publishing and copyrighting on hyperledger fabric blockchain.

Founder sketch2code (shutdown 2018): Using AI to turning sketched websites into code with just a pitcture from a phone. Aimed at rapid prototyping.

Co-founder of Disrupting the traditional temporary nurses for care homes agency model with technology, gig economy, and surge pricing.

Founder of Consultancy helping businesses to effectively sponsor prestigious university societies across the UK.

Co-founder of (shutdown 2017): Helping people appeal false charges.

Co-founder at Bioly (shutdown 2017): Instagram sales and marketing platform.

Founder of Investor Services (shutdown 2017): Tooling for extracting executive remuneration data from public annual report.

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1st class Bsc. Computer Science at University of Bristol: Focusing on machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, automation, high performance computing.


Sketch2code: Generating a website from a paper mockup


Analyst, Software Engineer at J.P.Morgan Investment Bank: Worked on a P&L and Risk management tool for Macro (Rates, FX, and commodities) used by traders, product control offices, compliance, and numerous other customers. Developed full stack Java (Spring), C# (.Net), Oracle (Coherence, DB) on large enterprise system with big data challenges.

Consultant at Bird marketing: Full service marketing agency with a focus on the internet. Lead numerous technical projects, head of Systems (Google Cloud Platform).

Internet Services Developer at Netcraft: An internet research, anti-phishing and security company. Technical lead on automatic takedown service for clients such as Netflix, Microsoft and Skype. Saved 1000s hours of manual effort by using machine learning for automatic phishing classification.

Artificial Intelligence Department at University of Bath: High performance computing algorithm optimisation for compensatory gene mutations simulation.


Winner of New Enterprise Competition: After multiple competition rounds, awarded cash and 6 months office space for OpitFit.

1st place in JP Morgan Code for Good: Team leader of 12 person team for 24 hour hackathon, developed social platform for tracking and gamifying recycling.

Winner of Bloomberg accessibility Hackathon: [Pitch Deck] Lead team to develop (in 6 hours) extension to automatically reduce the webpage reading age to increase accessibility.

1st place at Startup weekend (Techstars): [Pitch Deck] In a weekend, team of 3, we validated an idea, proposed marketing and business strategy, did independent market research, developed a fully functioning MVP, and pitched a solution to temporary nursing for care homes. In the UK care homes spend £507 million in agency fees.


Bristol Robotics Lab: The leading academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK. Used for R&D of The Handwriting Company robotics.

Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator: Used to accelerate the growth of The Handwriting Company with stratergic business advice from Natwest mentors.

Set-squared Engine shed: #1 Global University business incubator, accelerated the growth of OptiFit with business development and investment support.


Project management: Technical lead on production projects for Netcraft. Experience working with agile methodologies. Always willing to take the lead in hackathons and whenever I am given the opportunity.

Entrepreneurship: Founded a handful of small companies. Experience raising funding.

Technical Skills

App Development: Developed native apps with Swift and Java. Developed live streaming app with react native, expo for ios and android.

Big Data: Worked on big data platform at JP Morgan with Java, experience with Oracle coherence.

Blockchain: Developed private blockchain network with Hyperledger Fabric.

Computer Vision: Developed applications with OpenCV and deep learning.

Cloud Computing: Google cloud expert, used firebase in production projects. Experience with amazon web services.

Cyber Security: Worked at Netcraft the leading phishing protection company as lead on projects for Netflix and UK government (The National Cyber Security Centre)

Database: Experience with mysql, coherence, and no sql databases.

High Performance Computing: Optimised algorithms for research project in the Artificial Intelligence Department at University of Bath.

Machine Learning / AI: Experience with tensor flow and utilising ML for various projects. Used for automatic phishing classification at Netcraft. Thesis on applications in design and computer vision.

Natural Language Processing: Strong interest in summarization algorithms. Extracted executive remuneration data from PDF reports. Created calendar application with human readable text input.

Scripting and Automation: Very experienced with python, bash. Used ruby, perl.

UX and UI (frontend): Been lead designer on multiple projects.

Web Development: Full stack developer, NodeJS, Python Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP.

Internet of Things: Developed automated 24/7 robotic handwriting factory

Robotics: Lead 12 person team developing robotic handwriting machines for business sales


*Unix based OS: A *Unix based operating system written in ARM Assembly.

Broke eBay website captcha with machine learning.: Targeted audio captcha achieving 80% accuracy using machine learning.

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I am a rescue diver, avid rock climber and keen skier.